Friday, January 28, 2011


Today I walk around ASU in the morning, taking in the rushing water of Trevi Fountain (that's the one by the Memorial Union) and revelling in the delicate red of the flowers surrounding it. Wafts of toasted bagels tease me, coming faintly from the MU, and I clutch the leather of my portfolio even tighter as I enter the throng of people headed north alongside Hayden lawn. I laugh as I see Sparky charging $1 for a picture with him midway down the sidewalk, and I reach for my sunglasses to combat the bright sun and to seem unapproachable. I hate it when people pester me on the sidewalk for something, even if it is Sparky. As I make my way towards the Language and Literature building (my second home, I should really just move in), my feet squish in the just- watered green grass. Of course, the sprinklers turn on, and I run to escape the cascade of icky water. No luck. Are those things armed to go off when you walk on the lawn? Honestly, I wonder. Anyway, at last I reach the ancient building, and throw a cursory glance at the bronze plaque bolted outside on the wall, announcing that the building honors ASU' 11th president G. Homer Durham. I enter through the glass doors, and laugh at a note I see lying on the floor, just by the elevators: U really R 2 sweet! OMG U 4 real? <3> What is the world coming to… text messages have ruined us all. I hit the gross elevator button and hear the short, high- pitched "BZZ" right away, because most people are in class. I have the elevator all to myself, and as I watch the green pixelated arrow go up, I smell popcorn. Weird, because what elevators smell like popcorn? I get off on the fifth floor, relieved that I no longer have to endure that, and smile at the girl behind the front desk in the English office. I hand her my paperwork, and she stamps it without asking any questions. “Go across the street to Fulton, and they’ll tell you what to do,” she tells me with a weary look. I thank her and leave. Standing at the intersection of College and University, I chuckle at a guy wearing short shorts and a Mohawk. Oh college students. The light turns green, and immediately we hear the loud beeping of the crosswalk, yelling at us for taking too long. Inside the giant blue Fulton building, I find the right office and present my paperwork. The girl stamps it. “Take this over to Student Services. Have a nice day.” I thank her and wish her the same on my way out. Going back across campus, I go out of my way to avoid the major traffic of people headed in my direction. I cross by the fountain again, and make my way towards the Student Services building. I see someone I know, and stop briefly to say hello and inquire about their semester. Once in the SS building, I find the registrar’s office and laugh because there is only one person waiting in line for a window, but I still have to walk through rows and rows and rows of snaking black line markers. Ha. Once I get called to the window, the lady takes my paperwork and asks for a photo I.D. I hand her my license. “Did you hear about the new Zodiac sign they just added?” she asks me. A little surprised, I answer, “Yeah, I heard somebody mention that but I don’t know anything about it.” “Oh, well I ask because my birthday is four days before yours (she glances again at my license), and they just threw my life off- kilter by adding it! Now I’m all confused! Unsure of what to say, I suppress a laugh and instead smile awkwardly. But I can’t help it, a few giggles escape anyway. “Well, what is the sign?” I ask as she processes my stuff. “It’s the only human one,” she tells me with a reverent look in her eyes. “Oh,” I comment, at a total loss for what to say. “Well, here you go! All set,” she finally tells me to my relief.

And that’s it.

God worked my schedule out this semester: now, I get paid AND get school credit for my job!!!!!!!!!!!! How awesome is that?! I know. I got to drop two of my classes today because of it, and this has made my life suddenly a lot easier. Amen to that!

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