Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Days 21 and 22 (of the 30 day challenge)

Day 21 - One of your favorite shows.

Day 22- how you have changed in the past 2 years.

Hmm, I like old shows, such as the Walton's, Andy Griffith, Wonder Years, Wind at My Back, MASH, I Dream of Jeanie, and Leave it to Beaver (yes, really. "Hey, Beave.") Yes, I know I'm living in the wrong time, but I think they are way better than the junk on tv now. What, I do!

As for how I've changed in the last two years:

Well, there are little things, such as learning Hebrew and Greek that are different.

And then there are other things, that are a little bit bigger of a deal. Such as the fact that I honestly, truly, cross- my- heart know beyond a shadow of a doubt that living for Christ is worth it. That I've been tempted in ways that were pretty intense, but with God's help ran away and came through unscathed and intact. I think I've grown more patient with people, too. I've learned not to let people walk all over me, and that friends who only take from you and never give back are not really friends at all. For a long, looooong time I just felt like I was a bank, and people kept withdrawing and withdrawing from it, but never depositing anything. Not fun, and while I still love everyone in my life, I've learned that it's ok to not be a doormat or strictly a caretaker.

I've also learned, most importantly of all I think, that God really is enough. That during those times when I've felt completely alone, I really wasn't. I always had Someone to talk to, who was always glad to spend time with me and listen. It helps knowing that-- it helps a whole lot. In fact, believing that has changed everything for me.

Fortunately, the past two years have also brought some really great people into my life; people who are genuine and seem to appreciate me for me. Yay! They are literally an answer to many year's worth of prayers.

I've also learned that I need to slow down a little in life. That sometimes, it really IS ok to stop and smell the flowers... that it's ok to relax once in a while!! I've found new books to read, places to go, things to do. That while it is good to work hard, it's also good to have fun. The key is balance, which is still an area I'm working on, because I seem to work too much and not play enough. I have to admit... I'm really hoping that things slow down a little once I graduate. I don't think I can keep this pace up! But it has definitely improved (a lot) from what it was.

Ok, there are my midnight ramblings for today. And don't you like my new owl background? It brings much joy to my heart. I love them.


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