Sunday, January 23, 2011

Day 29 - Goals for the next 30 days

  • Complete ALL homework possible on the weekend. So, Friday nights, meet mountain of Stuff To Do.
  • Bike and swim every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday morning, and on weekends when possible. I made time in my schedule to actually work out this semester, so now I have absolutely no excuse.
  • Read all reading assignments (which, by the way, is a huge job, even for someone who reads quickly like I do) beforehand. Luckily, I read a lot of what I was supposed to during break, and thank goodness I did... that's all I can say.
  • Cut back on the caffeine. Oy ve.
  • Keep Hebrew review vocab words rotating on whiteboard (yes, I have a gigantic whiteboard in my room, like Sheldon Cooper. I'm just all kinds of nerdy awesomeness).
  • Make time for my cousin Larissa! I'm going through withdrawals.
  • Finish word study on the book of John. Yay Greek.
  • Finish drawing of tree and other illustrations for my Hebrew Research class presentation. I need to do this. I do.
  • Buy actual planner that is not on computer. My iCal is all color-coded with everything (it's so jam packed and colorful, that at first glance you might think a clown threw up on my screen), but I need one that is on paper. I just do, I can't explain it.
  • Get a decent amount of sleep at night. This will be tricky, but I need to.
  • Email ASU catering for banquet planning meeting. Until they answer.
  • Judge an Academic Decathlon event-- speech and interview judging, here I come!
  • Email Dean Lester my ideas for the Project Humanities event coming in February.
There are more, but I'll spare you all from the rest of the mundane details of my life. You're welcome. :)

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