Thursday, January 12, 2012

Bachelor Essentials: Utensil Edition

This New Year's Eve, I made little pigs in a blanket for the party my fiance and his roommate hosted. I made them at their apartment, which required that I went hunting for utensils... and this is what I found:

  • light saber chopsticks (did I mention I'm marrying a nerd?)
  • a crusty slotted spoon from at least the 1970's
  • a titanium, beautifully crafted SPORK (what more do you need in life?)
  • forks with 4 prongs, not 3; (when cutting meat, you put the knife in the middle of the prongs, and if there are 3 then you don't know which side to put your knife through, so I was told)
  • butter knives with serrated edges (they can spread but ALSO cut through bagels)

 Oh yeah. Their pizza cutter (what I was looking for in the first place) was shaped like a bicycle. :)

And there you have the bachelor pad essential utensils. Anyone know if I'm forgetting anything? It was highly amusing to go through their kitchen; I think the light saber chopsticks were my favorite.