Friday, December 9, 2011

Turning 22, and Job Searching

It has been a while since I've posted anything, but I have my reasons. well, mostly one reason: a 20 credit hour semester. When finals came rolling around, I had to keep my head from rolling off my shoulders.

Yesterday, I turned 22. And lots of people asked me if I felt older this year... and you know what? I do! 22 means all the fun birthdays are gone. 30 is supposed to be fun... for everyone else teasing you, not for you. There are no more coming- of- age birthdays now, 16 came and went, so did 18, and I didn't even do anything for my 21st, but at least it meant that I could drink if I wanted to. It meant something. At 22, it's now time to be an adult.

22 is the age where you are supposed to graduate college (and I am!), grow up, get a real job that doesn't involve asking if you want fries with that, and also when your parents start nervously wondering when you'll fly the coop.

I'm getting married in June, so they don't have to worry about that. But, I have started the most scary part of this whole grown- up thing: the Job Search. *cue scream from horror movie*

I went into college already knowing what I wanted to be, a technical writer. Yes, I was "that kid," the kid who knew what she wanted to do at the age of about 13. I had looked up the requirements for getting there, and was thrilled that an English degree and a Writing Certificate would suffice.

Well, that was when I started college. Now, as I go to job search, I am realizing that most companies also want you to have some kind of engineering degree... which I do not have. Shoot. So now, I'm looking at editorial jobs as well, only to be dismayed at the number of years of experience required, the minimum usually being 5 years. 5 years?! Dang. Or, 1 year with a Master's Degree. But I don't have that either. Not yet, anyway.

Well, I hope I find something. On the positive side, this is even more reason to get serious about freelance writing for magazines and things, because that might very well be what I end up with... and really, I enjoy that far more anyway. But the downside is, it isn't anywhere near as stable or well- paying as a technical writer job. I'm kind of nervous.

I worked really hard to end up with the stellar resume I have, including things like a year's position as editor- in- chief for a university publication, and being invited to England to be influential in changing the higher education system of the UK, but my goodness, I don't have 5 years of experience anywhere in there. That's kind of the point of going to college, to get started somewhere. I have references from deans and vice provosts and important faculty members, but it isn't enough.

That dang experience.

I understand, it is a way to weed out the candidates they don't want, because they can afford to be picky in this economy. Well that's just great, but what are us recent college grads supposed to do? What happened to all the entry- level positions?

And thus concludes my thoughts for today.

Anyone else facing this problem?

Friday, October 28, 2011

Ten Guilty Pleasures

I am having a hard time lately coming up with what to write on here, so I decided to share my guilty pleasures/ stress relievers with you. These aren't in a particular order, just numbered.

1. Facebook.  It is my number one go- to for procrastinating. It serves as the reminder for when I used to have a social life, and shows me in tantalizing detail everything I'm missing out on.

2. Pinterest.   I'm a tad bit obsessed with this idea-- how genius to have a virtual pin board!! It has helped my wedding planning too. I have a board for wedding ideas, favorite places, things made of yarn, and just things that make me smile.

                                          Look! It's an underwater suite in Fiji! Who knew?!

3. Owls. I really, really think I have a problem. I don't like real- looking ones so much, but the cute cartoon caricatured ones I am absolutely in love with. I have a board dedicated to them on Pinterest also.

4. Japanese erasers. They hit my love for miniature things just right. Especially the penguins. Now, if they could just make some owls...

5. Crocheting. Lately, I have been making hangers for my mother, but it is a huge stress reliever for me.

6. Reading the Word. Ok, so this doesn't count as a guilty pleasure, but it helps me tremendously. I just finished up Ephesians again and am moving to Colossians.

7. Looking at wedding things. Ah!!!! It's too much fun. Lace, flowers, elegant gowns; what's not to love about looking at wedding things? Especially things I might use.


                                           ...or hair up?

8. Painting. I'm no Monet, but I do like painting. My sweet fiance took me to go paint pottery for a date night a little while ago at As You Wish, and here is what I painted. I saw this design in London this summer on some tea items, and I thought, "I could paint that!" Turns out, I can. :)

9. I can't forget to mention Scot. He is a lifesaver, and has been so good for me.


10. And last but not least, Right This Minute. Anyone else a fan of that? From cute puppies trying to get over a step, to glowing surfboards, to beardos, I think this show was made for people with ADD. I love it. 

So what are yours?

Saturday, October 15, 2011

Bathroom Behavior: Hannah's 10 Cardinal Rules

I have noticed some strange behaviors in public restrooms lately, and I think we need to have some rules of etiquette printed and framed for the ladies. They would be as follows:

Hannah's 10 Cardinal Public Restroom Rules

1. NO talking on your cell phone while in a public restroom! You can miss that call and call back later, and please politely finish any phone conversations before entering the restroom.

2. If the restroom is fairly empty, do NOT choose the stall immediately next to someone. It is ok to give people some space.

3. Do NOT apply perfume while using the restroom, or excessive amounts of hairspray either. This is incredibly rude to your fellow females.

4. The restroom is NOT a social escape, an excuse to talk about boys for 15 minutes, or your private people watching spot. If you are not in there to use the restroom, or to get something out of your teeth, you should not be in the restroom.

5. If you have boys over the age of 5 with you, they are really too old to be in there.

6. If you do have children in the restroom, do NOT let them peek under other stalls, even if they are just trying to be friendly. They don't need to be THAT friendly.

7. If you make a mess, CLEAN IT UP. Do NOT leave that for someone else to walk into and deal with.

8. Use the trashcans, ladies. They are actually there for you to use, not just to look at, leave open, or to lay stuff on top of.

9. Use the seat covers, if they are provided. They take two seconds to use.

10. If you choose to play games on your phone in there, do us all a favor... and turn the sound off. Awkward. :)

Any other ones you can think of?

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

The Eden Project

This out-of-this-world place is in Cornwall, England.

The Vice Chancellor's personal driver drove me and my supervisor and one other co- worker in a Beamer there one day (and in a suit with gold cuff links, too), and it absolutely took my breath away.

I have many beautiful photos, but here are a few.

For someone who appreciated just seeing the grass there, it really was overboard for me. I was overwhelmed!

The colors are actually a lot brighter in person, my phone camera couldn't even capture it all.

I love the texture on these red ones!

Yes, these are real.

You notice the scary trash sculpture in the background? That serves as a reminder not to leave the earth trashed. This place was a china clay mine, and when that was finished Cornwall was left with a huge gaping hole in the ground. So, they made it beautiful.

Love it!!! I always wanted a garden, and if I ever live somewhere where I can have one, now I have plenty of ideas for it. Excellent.

Monday, August 29, 2011

Grace and Gratitude

I have to stop and say something to the world: what an amazing God I have!

He has given me everything and beyond what I could have expected.

He has kept me and preserved me from things that I can't even imagine.

He has been my provider, teacher, healer, and best friend; filling my loneliness with Himself.

He has taught me joy, one of the best lessons in life!

He has arranged opportunities for me that there just aren't other explanations for, honoring me in front of my enemies.

He has given me grace, and taught me how to give it to others.

Most importantly though, He has shaped me into who I am, and shown me how to let His life shine in my own. I am merely a sort of moon that reflects the Son, and that is just as it should be.

He gets all of the credit for that, and also for my astounding successes. No question there! It's not me folks, I can tell you that with certainty.

I just wanted to share. I want everyone to know about Him; He is good, and how in the world could I selfishly keep that to myself?!

There is Someone who cares for you most tenderly, and desperately wants to know you personally. He gave Himself for you to make that possible. Won't your heart respond to that?

Sunday, August 14, 2011

The Proposal

This has just been an incredible summer. First Colorado and whitewater rafting, then an amazing internship in England, and then last week a trip to California!

Scot, me and two other friends spent Thursday morning driving to California. We left after 6 in the morning, and stopped at Hadley's place for their famous date shakes on the way. We also got a picture with Elvis there.

We drove to Huntington beach, and spent the day playing in the waves, swimming, making a sand castle (my very FIRST one, too), and laughing at the birds that run away from the waves. I think they do it just for fun. I would if I were a bird.

Well, towards the end of the day we made a fire on the beach, and roasted marshmallows. Then, at sunset, Scot took me on a little walk.

We walked along for a while, not saying very much, when he says, "I have something for you." I smiled. He pulled out this gorgeous handmade heart- shaped box from Morocco, a box he had gotten on a mission trip there. I'm not entirely positive of everything that was said, because I was kind of in shock, but he said something along the lines of, "I bought this box in Morocco because I knew that someday God would bring a woman into my life that I could give my heart to," and he got down on one knee and proposed!!!

Also, that was the day of our 8 month anniversary from our first official date. CUTE.

The next day, we spent at La Jolla beach. We rented a tandem kayak, and went and looked at the Leopard sharks, sea caves, Garibaldi fish (which I loved, they really stand out in the water! They look like giant goldfish), and a rock close to shore full of sea lions. There was a male barking at all the females on the rock, and they were lazing around mostly sleeping. I'm pretty sure I saw one smile. It was awesome to get that close!

After that, we enjoyed the beach there until dinner, when we ate at Jeff's Place and had burgers and then got frozen yogurt afterward. Scot and I shared a combination of mint, chocolate, and rootbeer covered in all sorts of yummy stuff, and then we all drove home.

So, there's the story of our engagement! We are both SO excited, and planning the wedding for next summer. Also, I love my ring. He let me help him pick it out, and we actually designed it together.

Ah!!! I am a bit overwhelmed with all the details of what this means, but I'm very excited and proud to have him as my fiance. :)

Saturday, August 13, 2011


Sorry it has been a while, but I have had a whirlwind of things happening since I got home... some EXCITING stuff, but I have to tell you about London first!

I rode "the Tube" in London when we arrived, after taking a train with my boss and co- worker from Plymouth. We left at a quarter to 8 in the morning and arrived at about 11. Here's the famous Mind the Gap picture!! In England, they say "mind" instead of watch like us Americans.

Here we are, leaving from the famous Paddington station!

On our way to see Buckingham palace, we cut across through St. James' park, and this is the cottage that the Bird Keeper lives in. Isn't it adorable? I am in love with it!

Here is the statue outside of Buckingham Palace. The queen wasn't in that day, so the flag wasn't flying, but it was still cool to see! And there were the famous British soldiers there, too. They were marching back and forth like little toy soldiers! They were impressive, I wanted to wind them up and make them do it again.

Here is Buckingham Palace.

After seeing the palace and watching the soldiers march, we made our way towards Big Ben. There were the famous red telephone booths everywhere! Really, everywhere. I think they have them just for the tourists.

Well, here he is! I have always wanted to see Big Ben in person, and now I can say I have!

Big Ben is huge. Even with all of our skyscrapers and tall buildings, I am still impressed by it.

Here is the London Eye, no I didn't ride it but we walked by it! It is very cool.

For lunch, we went to this place called Le Pain Quotideon, and I probably spelled that incorrectly. But they had the BEST food. Spreadable Belgian chocolate on freshly baked bread, and I had a roast beef something or other for lunch.

It was heaven. I love bread, I love chocolate, and lunch was to die for.

After lunch, we walked back across the Thames and walked through China town and Soho.

Here's me on the bridge! Ah!!!

And walking across it. It was a perfect day, cloudy but not hot or cold.

Probably the BEST part of the day though, or the highlight, was visiting the BRITISH MUSEUM!!!!

One of my life goals, now I have done it. I was especially pleased to see the Parthenon marbles; I was a Classics major for a while. They are just stunning.

LOVE the horses!!

And this vase? It's in one of my textbooks!! I have seen the REAL THING!!

And this? Oh. My. Gosh.

Isn't that incredibly well- preserved? I have many more cool pictures from the museum, but too many to post them all.

After the museum, we went through Covent Gardens!

It was beautiful, and there were a lot of street performers. And shops, with big designer names from all over the world.

After that, we went to Browns and recovered a little from our whirlwind trip, and then ate at a noddle bar called Wagamama. I had the teriyaki chicken, and it was delicious. Then we went back to our hotel and crashed in our rooms.

I cannot believe I finally made it to London! It was a dream come true, and I really hope I get to go back someday.

Saturday, July 30, 2011

Last Saturday in Plymouth

I have to admit, this looks really fun! This is what British kids do on the weekends.

Isn't that great?! They are in these plastic bubbles in a pool, floating on the water. ?!

I walked along the Hoe today, and was going to climb the lighthouse but they wanted to charge me for it. Pay money to climb stairs? Um, no thanks. :)

It was cloudy today, but there were still a LOT of sailboats out and about.

I followed a steep trail of stairs up the side of a cliff, and this is the lovely view I was rewarded with.

I might try and paint this sometime. I had a nice little walk on this hill.

A very, very beautiful walk on this hill.

Plymouth definitely has a culture of ice cream trucks. They are everywhere, and I loved this one because it has a Scooby Doo theme.

Check out the guys on top of the bridge!

Just wanted to share some of my weekend with you. :)

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Brolly Parade!

This is an umbrella from Ghana, that really big red one. It was HUGE. But I'll get back to that.

On Saturday, I went to the Saltram Jazz Festival! It was at the house where they filmed part of Pride and Prejudice. I know, awesome!

Sorry I didn't get a very good shot of it, I was trying not to look like such a tourist and was holding stuff besides.
Isn't that pretty? It really could not have been more Englishy... a picnic on the grass, listening to music. Perfect.

Here is some of our spread, my coworker James invited a bunch of his mates to come so I could meet them. They had lots of questions for me, and especially about frats and sororities and super size meals at McDonalds. And I had to explain our system of government to the girl I sat next to.

Here is a candid shot of some of them.

All right, so you're probably wondering what a brolly parade is? Because it was a jazz festival, they also did the New Orleans tradition of an umbrella parade! It was a lot of fun. And no, I didn't have my brolly with me. Sad story.

So this is underneath that really big one from Ghana that led the procession. It was very fancy, and all tassled out. :)

Here is a picture of the house and stage, even though it didn't turn out too well.

Well, that was my Saturday evening. I'll write more later. :)