Wednesday, September 21, 2011

The Eden Project

This out-of-this-world place is in Cornwall, England.

The Vice Chancellor's personal driver drove me and my supervisor and one other co- worker in a Beamer there one day (and in a suit with gold cuff links, too), and it absolutely took my breath away.

I have many beautiful photos, but here are a few.

For someone who appreciated just seeing the grass there, it really was overboard for me. I was overwhelmed!

The colors are actually a lot brighter in person, my phone camera couldn't even capture it all.

I love the texture on these red ones!

Yes, these are real.

You notice the scary trash sculpture in the background? That serves as a reminder not to leave the earth trashed. This place was a china clay mine, and when that was finished Cornwall was left with a huge gaping hole in the ground. So, they made it beautiful.

Love it!!! I always wanted a garden, and if I ever live somewhere where I can have one, now I have plenty of ideas for it. Excellent.


  1. Gaaallllly. I want to live in a place where I can make things grow like that. . .

  2. These are quite amazing. You can grow a garden here. It a lot of work and you won't get the variety as in other places but it's possible. We'll talk about this next time we're together.
    I'm glad you had such a wonderful experience over there.
    OK - I don't know what to press for select profile !