Tuesday, October 19, 2010


October has been a great month. School is going exceptionally well, and so is my job. I still love it- I look forward to going every day! Clubs and committees are running smoothly, and I am presenting my Hebrew research at the next Student Colloquia on Nov. 3rd, and there will be food. I am also applying for another scholarship, so that I can do more research next semester. I ticked off 3 more things on my bucket list this month, too! Yay.

I can't believe it's already half over... where did it go?!

I also get to go to the Quarterback's Luncheon at the Buttes, for free, because they are launching the new Sparky license plates and because those fund our scholarships, some of us get to go and be there for it. Awesome!!

Today, I had lunch at the exclusive University Club with some bigwig Superintendents from around Arizona, and got to explain my MATHgazine and a little bit of our grant project. I love my job. :) Hopefully the rest of this month goes well too. :)