Saturday, May 12, 2012

Apartment Life: Week 1

Hello everyone,

It has been a week since moving out, and it has been a glorious week! I am still not unpacked, but I'm getting there. I love that I have a place of my own and can do whatever I want with it. It has been delightful setting up my own kitchen, organizing my closet, and making the place feel more homey.

I don't mind being on the second floor, either. There aren't too many steps, and I somehow feel safer knowing that it is most likely that the lower apartments will get robbed before I do. :) The neighbors aren't so friendly though. There is a Hispanic family taking up the apartment across from me and next to me, and they go back and forth all the time. The kids make a game of putting piles of rocks on the stairs, and it seems like they are always watching a kid movie of some kind (I can hear it from outside, but not inside which is good).

Work is going well, I was offered a contract for next year and a position in their summer program. Yay! I'm going to stay where I am for now, because I am learning a lot being a teacher. I love that the kids come in every day with a great attitude; they are teaching me that every day is beautiful and that is wonderful. I love them. There's this one in particular who is infatuated with me, and he was gently saying my name in his sleep at nap time the other day. It was very sweet. I met his mom for our Mother's Day luncheon, and she laughed and said with a smile, "So you're Hannah! He talks about you, we hear about you quite a bit at home." Awwww! He's my little buddy.

Wedding planning is still going well, I picked out flowers and took my dress in for alterations! I can't wait to get it back again, because then it will fit absolutely perfectly. The alterations lady just had to take some boning out of the top so it would lay flat against my chest, and put a bustle on it. I chose the French one, because it sounded more exotic and I had no idea what a bustle even was... so she showed me. I still went with the French one. :)

Today for breakfast, I made vanilla blueberry apple pancakes, and they were so delicious!! I was celebrating today because I was supposed to go fly a plane. Well, I called the wrong flight school (the one I needed was literally right next door), so now I will be going early Monday morning instead. I can't wait!! I get ground school first, and then an hour long trip in a plane where I control it 80% of the time. That will be my first hour counted towards getting my private pilot's license! How exciting is that? Exciting enough for special pancakes. Oh well, looks like I will have to make them again. 

I hope you all are having as great of a week as I am. I will post pictures as soon as I get internet, I don't have it set up yet.