Friday, December 9, 2011

Turning 22, and Job Searching

It has been a while since I've posted anything, but I have my reasons. well, mostly one reason: a 20 credit hour semester. When finals came rolling around, I had to keep my head from rolling off my shoulders.

Yesterday, I turned 22. And lots of people asked me if I felt older this year... and you know what? I do! 22 means all the fun birthdays are gone. 30 is supposed to be fun... for everyone else teasing you, not for you. There are no more coming- of- age birthdays now, 16 came and went, so did 18, and I didn't even do anything for my 21st, but at least it meant that I could drink if I wanted to. It meant something. At 22, it's now time to be an adult.

22 is the age where you are supposed to graduate college (and I am!), grow up, get a real job that doesn't involve asking if you want fries with that, and also when your parents start nervously wondering when you'll fly the coop.

I'm getting married in June, so they don't have to worry about that. But, I have started the most scary part of this whole grown- up thing: the Job Search. *cue scream from horror movie*

I went into college already knowing what I wanted to be, a technical writer. Yes, I was "that kid," the kid who knew what she wanted to do at the age of about 13. I had looked up the requirements for getting there, and was thrilled that an English degree and a Writing Certificate would suffice.

Well, that was when I started college. Now, as I go to job search, I am realizing that most companies also want you to have some kind of engineering degree... which I do not have. Shoot. So now, I'm looking at editorial jobs as well, only to be dismayed at the number of years of experience required, the minimum usually being 5 years. 5 years?! Dang. Or, 1 year with a Master's Degree. But I don't have that either. Not yet, anyway.

Well, I hope I find something. On the positive side, this is even more reason to get serious about freelance writing for magazines and things, because that might very well be what I end up with... and really, I enjoy that far more anyway. But the downside is, it isn't anywhere near as stable or well- paying as a technical writer job. I'm kind of nervous.

I worked really hard to end up with the stellar resume I have, including things like a year's position as editor- in- chief for a university publication, and being invited to England to be influential in changing the higher education system of the UK, but my goodness, I don't have 5 years of experience anywhere in there. That's kind of the point of going to college, to get started somewhere. I have references from deans and vice provosts and important faculty members, but it isn't enough.

That dang experience.

I understand, it is a way to weed out the candidates they don't want, because they can afford to be picky in this economy. Well that's just great, but what are us recent college grads supposed to do? What happened to all the entry- level positions?

And thus concludes my thoughts for today.

Anyone else facing this problem?