Saturday, July 30, 2011

Last Saturday in Plymouth

I have to admit, this looks really fun! This is what British kids do on the weekends.

Isn't that great?! They are in these plastic bubbles in a pool, floating on the water. ?!

I walked along the Hoe today, and was going to climb the lighthouse but they wanted to charge me for it. Pay money to climb stairs? Um, no thanks. :)

It was cloudy today, but there were still a LOT of sailboats out and about.

I followed a steep trail of stairs up the side of a cliff, and this is the lovely view I was rewarded with.

I might try and paint this sometime. I had a nice little walk on this hill.

A very, very beautiful walk on this hill.

Plymouth definitely has a culture of ice cream trucks. They are everywhere, and I loved this one because it has a Scooby Doo theme.

Check out the guys on top of the bridge!

Just wanted to share some of my weekend with you. :)

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