Thursday, July 14, 2011

First Week Recap

I'm sure most of you are wondering what it is I'm actually doing over here, so I will explain.

The first few days have been very busy, filled with meeting lots of new people, settling in at the office, taking tours of campus, and of course working. I can't believe it is already Thursday!

They have me doing a variety of things, from writing Citation speeches to be read at the honorary degree ceremony (out loud! to the public!), editing other speeches the Vice Chancellor will be delivering, meeting with their alumni team to discuss how ASU runs their Alumni operation and the Medallion Scholarship program, writing website biographies for important staff members, and more.

I have also been setting up appointments with different university VIP's, including Deans and senior administration. My task is to meet with them, discuss what they do, and write a report comparing it to ASU's system and anything that I might suggest improving or just anything that struck me.

Today, the Vice Chancellor paid me a visit and said she would like me to meet England's Secretary of State when he visits here! How exciting is that?!

I am having a great time with the work, and I really enjoy it, and I cannot believe how much God has blessed me with this incredible opportunity.

This, ladies and gentleman, is why I have worked so very hard all these years! With God's help it is paying off!

I also got to hear a speech from the Lord Mayor of Plymouth at the university's memorial union, and he was wearing fancy gold chains and had a very distinguished "Janner" or "Jenner?" accent. My colleague James told me today that that term is used for Plymouth people, and that his accent was a very traditional one. It's so much fun hearing people speak over here! As silly as that is, it's true. At work today, this same James did an American accent for me and I laughed so hard! It was quite good actually, I think he's practiced that before.

Well "I'm going to go rest my poor little eyeballs, actually," a phrase I picked up today. I love it!

I'll let you know how my weekend goes, I've got some fun things planned... :)

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