Tuesday, July 12, 2011

PICTURES!! And Video!!!

I finally have internet in my room!! So here are the promised pictures.

The First day, I was settled into my absolutely gorgeous office. It's not mine forever, of course, but I do get to borrow it for now. Lucky me, I could do cartwheels in it (well, if I could) it is so big!

This is the view from my desk.

Across from my desk

The office, it used to be a house.

The sign outside the building!

The best part about this whole gig though is that the ocean is within walking distance from my flat. No, it isn't a beach and the water is very cold, but still!! This is me today.

I know. Life isn't fair.

These are the steps I was sitting on

This has a very interesting name, which I will get to in a minute...

Isn't that just incredible?!

From the other side. I sure am getting good exercise over here!

There was a kayak training class going on when I arrived. How neat!

And here is a video I took of them. It's not very long.

And this was down a bunch of steps.
And that is actually a swimming pool right by the water, and it is free and open to the public.

Ok, back to what this is called. At least England is kind enough to warn you!

No, it isn't what we take it to mean. It is the name of this beautiful place.

....but still really funny.

HA! Oh come on. You know you're laughing too.

They have a ferris wheel set up for the summer, kind of neat.

Well, here are the 360 degree views of the place. My camera really just didn't do it justice.

The red-and- white- striped lighthouse is called Smeaton's Lighthouse. What a fun word. Smeaton.

Well, I will post more of the town and university later, but right now I have to go. I hope you enjoyed them!!

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