Monday, July 11, 2011

Plymouth, England!

I am afraid I don't have a way of posting pictures yet, but I will as soon as I can.

Plymouth is absolutely gorgeous, with breathtaking views of the sea, lots of nice green grass, and fresh sea breezes. It is just lovely. "Lovely" is a very British word, everything is just "lovely" or "brilliant." I have been learning British lingo, and they are very amused with my questions. Did you that a lolly is a popsicle? Or that a bumper shooter is an umbrella? So much fun!

Yesterday I arrived at a little after 5 (we are 8 hours ahead of Arizona time), and was picked up by the Vice Chancellor's assistant and another person from the university. They were very friendly and showed me around the town, got me to my room, took me to dinner, and explained a little more of what it is I will be doing here. We ate at this lovely (great, I'm already beginning to sound British!) Greek restaurant for dinner, close to where the famous steps to the Mayflower are! I got to see the place where the pilgrims got on the boat. How neat is that?! Very historic. There are lots of plants and flowers here, and aside from the fresh air and ocean another big difference is the noise. Seagulls, seagulls everywhere! I woke up to their screeching today, and I imagine I will be for my stay here, but oh well. They are such funny creatures. Already, one has tapped on my window, begging for bread, and at the office this morning I was startled when one landed on a skylight and scared me! There are lots of squirrels, too. I love squirrels.

The biggest difference, though, is the temperature!!! I got to escape the scorching desert heat and am really enjoying the weather here. It is just perfect, a little on the chilly side even. I have to wear warm clothes and carry a jacket with me! In the summer! Weird. But brilliant. :)

I do not have the internet hooked up in my room yet, but as soon as I get that figured out I will post pictures. I can't believe I am here! It's like a dream. Until then, bye for now.

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