Friday, October 28, 2011

Ten Guilty Pleasures

I am having a hard time lately coming up with what to write on here, so I decided to share my guilty pleasures/ stress relievers with you. These aren't in a particular order, just numbered.

1. Facebook.  It is my number one go- to for procrastinating. It serves as the reminder for when I used to have a social life, and shows me in tantalizing detail everything I'm missing out on.

2. Pinterest.   I'm a tad bit obsessed with this idea-- how genius to have a virtual pin board!! It has helped my wedding planning too. I have a board for wedding ideas, favorite places, things made of yarn, and just things that make me smile.

                                          Look! It's an underwater suite in Fiji! Who knew?!

3. Owls. I really, really think I have a problem. I don't like real- looking ones so much, but the cute cartoon caricatured ones I am absolutely in love with. I have a board dedicated to them on Pinterest also.

4. Japanese erasers. They hit my love for miniature things just right. Especially the penguins. Now, if they could just make some owls...

5. Crocheting. Lately, I have been making hangers for my mother, but it is a huge stress reliever for me.

6. Reading the Word. Ok, so this doesn't count as a guilty pleasure, but it helps me tremendously. I just finished up Ephesians again and am moving to Colossians.

7. Looking at wedding things. Ah!!!! It's too much fun. Lace, flowers, elegant gowns; what's not to love about looking at wedding things? Especially things I might use.


                                           ...or hair up?

8. Painting. I'm no Monet, but I do like painting. My sweet fiance took me to go paint pottery for a date night a little while ago at As You Wish, and here is what I painted. I saw this design in London this summer on some tea items, and I thought, "I could paint that!" Turns out, I can. :)

9. I can't forget to mention Scot. He is a lifesaver, and has been so good for me.


10. And last but not least, Right This Minute. Anyone else a fan of that? From cute puppies trying to get over a step, to glowing surfboards, to beardos, I think this show was made for people with ADD. I love it. 

So what are yours?


  1. Not that my vote matters, but if you'd like to know, I vote down or half-down hair. Is your hair still long? I've always thought your hair is beautiful!

  2. Hair down - yes. :) And you have some pretty mad painting skills! I approve.

    One of my 'guilty pleasures' is reading young adult fiction by Madeleine L'Engle and others; and eating almond butter one spoonful at a time (Nutella, too, if I were honest).

    ~ Jody