Friday, January 21, 2011

Day 28 - Something that you miss.

I had to think for a long time about this one!

I don't really miss anything at all from high school, except perhaps marching band. Wow, I'm such a band geek.

I don't miss anything at all from junior high either, except for band again there, too. And jazz band-- Mr. Baedke (pronounced bad-key; funny name for a music person!) let me switch off between playing the keyboard, bass, and the most fun of all, the drum set. I love jazz drum fills!

There aren't that many people I miss, either. The ones I cared about at those times I am still in contact with, and everyone else... well... let's just say it's not because I didn't make an effort.

I think I'm still too young to really miss anything in life. I love this time of life; it finally suits me! I can be myself, an old soul, and at last it is ok. I absolutely love college, despite my occasional griping and complaining, and I've been blessed with a wonderful job and even better, incredible friends and family. I think this is the time of life that I will look back on and say, "That! That right there! That is what I miss."

Hmm. How's that for being content?

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