Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Day 26 - What kind of person attracts you.


First of all, the person must be a Christian. And not just an everyday "yeah, I go to church and accepted Jesus and all that stuff" Christian, but an "I have a real, growing, day-to-day relationship with God; here's what He's doing in my life right now," kind of Christian. I know, it's a tall order.

Really, everything else is negotiable.

Because, if God is truly at work in their lives, then they should already be displaying the kinds of traits that attract me-- being kind, putting others above themselves, being responsible, being mature, givers of themself to others (time, money, talents, etc.), etc., etc.

I need someone who will be the spiritual leader of my house one day, and this is by far the most important. Can this person help me grow in my relationship with Christ? Can I help him? Can we lead richer, fuller lives better together than we can apart? Will he be a good father? Husband? Supporter? Friend? Is he financially responsible?

Those are the main things.

I'm attracted to people who work hard, and who work hard in school.

I really, really respect men who guard their eyes and their thoughts, especially in the society we live in where it is a daily struggle. I want to be appreciated someday for being me, and not have to live up to anyone's false expectations of what they think is beautiful, or constantly trying to live up to what they think I should be, rather than me.

I am attracted to people who are secure in who they are, and aren't trying to be somebody else or who are preoccupied all the time with what their friends think of them.

I appreciate men who are leaders, and not followers; who take initiative and do what is right even when they know they will be made fun of for it, or whatever. A leader is someone who knows the way, shows the way, and goes the way, and that I find attractive because that's how I am.

I am attracted to men who are gentleman. The ones who hold doors, and walk on the side of the street next to cars, and treat you like a lady. Because I am a lady, and I think that men should treat all women as such. They are our protectors (even though some may have forgotten that).

I appreciate people who put family first in their lives, and are peacemakers.

I appreciate those who are quick to forgive, and aren't easily angered.

I also appreciate those with easy- going personalities, and those few who can make me laugh and have fun, and forget all the pressure I'm constantly under once in a while.

Also, I'm not as concerned with the mistakes they make as I am with how they react to and handle those mistakes. Do their actions reflect someone who is listening to God?

Like I said-- tall order, huh? And frankly incredibly difficult to find in men my age. Although, I do get hit on quite a lot by older men, like ten years older, but... yeah. Creepy.

However, while all those things are great, I've been working on becoming the right person for whoever the (lucky) guy is that I end up with. I have enjoyed my time so far being single, and young, and busy with school and work, and I've found a lot of things that I like to do being single that I wouldn't have had time for if I were attached. I've spent a lot of time with the Lord, and do every day, and that has improved my character and honestly has made me who I am today-- I don't take any credit for my character or successes. It's all Him.

Right now, God has brought someone into my life, and so far it has been a joy to get to know him. He displays the kind of things I'm looking for, and he takes great care of me. He is thoughtful, and kind, and very much a leader. I still have a lot to learn about him though. :) I know this picture was in an earlier post, but aren't we cute?! Prayers are much appreciated. :)

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