Saturday, January 1, 2011

Day 18 - Your beliefs.

(I'm skipping day 17. Because I can.)

Anyway, my beliefs.

This is titled, "On Your Worst Day"

You really are clean, holy, alive, forgiven, new, beautiful, acceptable, complete, Spirit indwelt, adored, chosen, adopted, able, intimately loved, smiled upon, planned for, protected, continually thought about, liked, enjoyed, cared for, comforted, understood, known completely, given all mercy, compassion, guarded, matured, bragged on, defended, valued, esteemed, held, hugged, caressed, kissed, heard, honored, in unity with, favored, enough, lacking nothing, directed, guided continually, never failed, waited for, anticipated, part of, belonging, never alone, praised, secure, safe, believed, appreciated, given all grace, all patience, at peace with, pure, righteous, shining, precious, cried over, grieved with, strengthened, emboldened, relaxed with, never on trial, never frowned at, delighted in, at rest in, healed, nurtured, continually sheltered from the full brunt of devastation, taken shame from, carried, never mocked, never punished, all of your jokes enjoyed, partnered with, not behind, not outside, given endless affection...

-written by John Lynch

All of my beliefs rest upon the fact that God loves me because He chooses to, and not because of anything I've done or have to do. He simply loves me for me, and I am enough just as I am. I believe that God is not an angry God with us, but one who loves us more than we allow ourselves to give Him credit for.

This is why I follow Him; because I trust Him.

It is possible to obey God and not trust Him. One cannot, however, trust God and be disobedient to Him.

That explains me, and my beliefs... why I live my life the way I do, and how come! Don't you want that? If you've never trusted Christ as your personal savior, ask him to be right now. Admit that you are in need of some help, and that you gladly welcome Him into your life. Amen.

If you already have, know that it's ok to start living like this is true, all the time-- because it is!

You see, God is not a God that waits for you to screw up so he can punish you. No; rather, he cries for you! He feels your pain like his own, and he sent His only Son to die a horrible death... for you. It is my wish that everyone should know the God that I know, and that everyone would know and understand what it is to be unconditionally, irrevocably, loved.


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