Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Sunday School

This past Sunday, I was privileged enough to spend some time with 5 little girls as a helper in their Sunday school class! I used to do the nursery regularly, and I had all of them in there, so they all know me. Anyway, as soon as I walked in the door, five little squeals of delight greeted me: "Hannah! Miss Wendy, is Hannah gonna be our teacher today? Please???"

How adorable is that?! They all lined up and gave me a hug, too. The other teacher felt a little bad I think. Well, we started off the morning with singing, and I have to tell you that it was pretty darn cute. And I've noticed that there's just something about little kid songs that have a tendency to stick in your head, and they've certainly been running through mine this entire week. There's nothing quite like waking up, and the first thing you think about is, "why was a cup made? (echo), to have a drink inside it. Why were you and I made? (echo), to have God's life in us!"

Great. Actually, I don't mind though... there are worse things in life. :)

One of the girls colored her picture just for me, and even wrote, with carefully scripted letters: "Aimee loves Hannah." Aww.

During the lesson portion of the morning, I had two- year- old Krista on my lap with a book because the lesson was a bit over her head, and we read about the story of Rebecca at the well. She kept pointing to the old men in the pictures, and saying, "It's Santa! It's Santa!!!" oh man, was she excited! I tried to explain that those were not Santa, but she simply pointed to one and said, "Hannah, he has a red nose?" like see, of course that's Santa-- red nose proves it! What do you do. Then, there were camels and she was fascinated with those. "That's a grumpy camel," she asserted and made a face just like one.

When we played outside, I had the girls run races with me and we played a lot of red light green light. That was fun, except that I had to run barefoot because I came in sandals, and kept slipping in the wet grass. But they enjoyed it, so I guess it was worth it.

And then, for our memory verse time, the other teacher brought out hand puppets to sing the song that went with the verse, and we all got one to sing with, too. I ended up with Mr. Rooster, and I was making Miss Wendy laugh so hard that she almost dropped her harpsichord. (That's right. She plays the harpsichord-- that things is older than I am, because she used to be my Sunday school teacher when I was little and I remember it from then!)

Craft time was pretty simple, thankfully, and then we played outside again. I loved it. How could you not love a morning like that?

After church was over, my family went over to Aimee's house (she's the one who colored the picture for me), and I no sooner walked through the door then I was dragged to a pretty pink bedroom with dolls splayed all across the floor, and I was made to sit down with them because we were at school. :D

I got to be a kid, and another little girl got the fun job of being the class pet (it was a giant plushy squirrel), and I was genuinely surprised at her amazingly well- done squirrel performance. I wish I had video taped it. Well, I got sent to the principal's office for accidentally stepping on one of the "kids," but when I got back Teacher Aimee gave me a sucker so the world was all right again. Oh my gosh, it was adorable. By that time, we had quite a few little girls playing school with us, and one of them wanted to give us tap- dancing lessons, so she dressed up like a lady bug and we all practiced "dancing." After that it was time to eat, but I have to say that Sunday has been by far the best day of the week so far. :)

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