Saturday, December 4, 2010

Challenge Day 6

My own personal style....

Well, it depends. At home, I pretty much live in sweats or my favorite pajamas, because who cares what you look like at home, right?

For school, I have moved this year from school casual to business casual, because I'm in the Provost's office and I have to look nice. That means no more flip flops, and I have to dress up a little. It's kind of fun though! But it takes more time in the morning, so... hmm. I love the Avenue right now as far as places to shop.

As for my hair, it is naturally straight. Lucky me, I know. I like it medium length- I don't like it short, and I would grow it out longer, but then it's too much work. So medium is good. I usually just blow dry it upside down, and then I curl in my different layers so I have cute little curls framing my face. Or, I might put it half back, with a fancy clip or something. Recently, I've discovered those little spin- pins, those spiral bobby pin things? Those are AWESOME. I've been experimenting with putting my hair up, and so far it's been really cute.

I hardly ever have my finger nails painted- I think too many years in marching band broke me of that habit (you're not allowed to wear it). I always have my toes painted though- I feel naked when they aren't painted.

And I rarely ever go out without makeup on.

So, I guess at home it's whatever I feel comfortable in, and at school I'm by no means a fashionista but I do make an effort to look professional.

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  1. I've wanted to buy one of those spiral bobby pins, but I don't think I'm chic enough to have a "messy bun" without looking like a liberal arts professor/homeless. :(