Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Waffle Fries

How do people make waffle fries?

This question has been bothering me. Bothering me enough that this subject gets its own post.

My mom said, "they whittle them." (she was kidding)

I Googled it, and the most popular answer was "it's magic."


Finally, I found someone who said that you use a mandolin and turn it mid- cut, and that makes sense, but then how in the world do you get all those little holes?????

I really, really, really want to know. Anyone have an answer for me?



  1. It truly is magic.

  2. I imagine it probably is done by first cutting them into thick chip shapes, then using a cutter or press that cuts out the holes

  3. Actually, they are made using the woodworking technique of lattice making. Intriguing.

  4. Dear Hannah,
    watch this video of the Boerner waffle mandoline so see how it works: ("Schulungsvideo Dekostar")