Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Craziness and My Awesome Presentation on Hebrew Names!

This has been a crazy week so far, and it is only Wednesday!

Yesterday night was the big Medallion Reception/ Banquet, which I helped to plan and was the Master of Ceremonies for. I got to sit with Dr. Wilkinson, Dr. Rund, and some other board people... and my boyfriend Scot got to be there too! I owe him a lot for this week, he has bee SUPER supportive of me through my insanity. He helped me set up for the banquet too, and helped me with computer issues, and has been all around a total sweetheart.

Then, after that was over (and it went really well!), I had to finish my Hebrew presentation that I gave today in class. I researched Hebrew names and their meanings, and threw in some Gematria too. Gematria is a form of Hebrew mysticism that looks at a word's numeric value and how it relates to other words. Hmm, maybe I should write a post just on that sometime. Anyway, that went well but it was bittersweet. Today was my last day of Hebrew, ever. I have taken three years of it, and this semester was the highest one you can take at ASU. I began my first day as a little Freshman with Hebrew, and I'm going to miss it! And my professor, the amazing Mrs. Shemer. She is just absolutely phenomenal, and a great asset to ASU. Here is my presentation! Just click the play arrow at the bottom to go through it. I know it doesn't quite fit my blog, but I'm working on being a techy person, ok? :)

Oh, and find the full- screen button. It's too small otherwise (bottom right hand corner).

Then later, I had a Project Humanities meeting with the Deans, and that went well too. After that I went back to work, and got to meet the Dean of the law college! That was cool.

Tomorrow, I am meeting the Vice Chancellor from Plymouth College in Britain with Dr. Wilkinson... I'm SO excited!! And then I get to go to Bible study with Scot. I am having quite the week so far, and I'm really looking forward to the end of the semester when I can finally relax!! But at least this week has had a lot off good mixed in with the stress.

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