Monday, March 28, 2011

What do You Seek?

Someone asked me the other day, "If you could ask God for anything you wanted, what would you ask him for?" And I knew the answer right away.

No, it wasn't the answer to a deep and confusing theological question.

No, it wasn't for world peace (although that would be nice).

No, it wasn't for more stuff.

Give up?

My answer: Him!

Reading the New Testament is fascinating, because I've been paying attention to how Jesus reacted and acted towards the people around him. It is interesting to look at how people approached the carpenter from Galilee. Some called him "teacher," and looked to him for answers. But some, like Zaccheaus, just wanted to know who he was. The cool thing is, those that looked to him for who he was got the opportunity to get to know him better! Very cool. Those that looked to him strictly as a teacher and wanted to know life's most perplexing questions Jesus still helped... but in a different way. I see over and over again that whenever someone asked him a question, he would give a hard answer. Like Nicodemus, who wanted to know the secret to eternal life. Jesus said one had to be born again, a weird answer. Or the rich young ruler, who had kept the law and wanted to know the same thing. Jesus told him to sell all his stuff and the man was sad because he didn't want to. The theme there is that Christ raised the bar so high that people couldn't get over it. This doesn't seem like a loving thing to do, but it is; because it showed them their need for Him, and that He is the answer Himself.

What a merciful thing! And how interesting.

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