Friday, March 11, 2011

On a More Positive Note...

Ok, now that I've had a pity party about Spring Break, how about something positive?

Here are some of the reasons that I am having a happy year so far.

Scot bought the puzzle I was going to get, and we managed to get some of it done at Tempe Marketplace. Yes, we got some strange looks. But it was so fun.

Scot and I hiked the Superstitions a little!

And he had to show off, of course.

Showing the trail we took. :)


I love my AWANA junior high girls!!! So precious!!

I was invited to attend ASU's Founder's Day at the Biltmore (third year!! Whoo!!), and it was of course heavenly. I sat with the Coca Cola company, and coincidentally next to ASU's other Hannah Jones (weird much?!).

Here I am with Dean Lester (Dean of Humanities) at Founder's Day.

I got to celebrate my Grandma's birthday (she's the vibrant one in the middle) with her, my aunt, my mom, and a friend. Fun times!!

And I keep discovering things in unexpected places.

There is so much more, but this will do for now. I already feel better.

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