Sunday, November 28, 2010

Challenge Day 3

For this post, I'm supposed to express my views on drugs and alcohol.

Drugs I am completely, completely against. Why on earth would you want to kill your brain cells?! And your body, and your life? They slowly take over, and alter absolutely everything in your life. They alter you. And in a non- reversible way. There are other, better ways to cope with life people. There are.

Alcohol I am completely, completely against. I don't drink, and even when I turn 21 in a few days, I still won't. Why? Alcohol does the same thing as drugs, just maybe not as fast. Why would I want to kill my brain cells and spend money on that? Plus, I know how it makes people act. It's not very becoming. It seems like people just like to use it as an excuse to "loosen up," and then they can't be held responsible for their actions because they were under the influence. Well, yeah, but that was your choice to put yourself in that situation. I've seen too many people get raped, hurt, abused, and addicted to it. I don't think it's cool. No, I'm not for prohibition or anything- if you want to drink, it's your legal right to. But you won't catch me participating in it.

Truth is, I don't need drugs or alcohol to have fun. I live a kind of lonely existence because of that choice, but you know what? It's SO worth it. I don't have to deal with any of the issues that go with either one of those two, and I'm still perfectly happy. :)

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