Thursday, November 11, 2010

Some College Wisdom

Oh, the lessons I'm learning in college.

That Tolstoy is one of my favorite authors. That Greek verbs have 6 principle parts. That I really don't get a lot of Israeli humor, but I can say, "I love filalafel," so it's ok.

I learned that eating lunch with one of my professors is nice. And sitting up front in class is a good idea. That yes, it's probably weird that I'm facebook friends with some of my professors... but I always have gotten along better with older people than myself.

But the most important lesson of all: that God will continue to give me opportunities to speak about Him if I only pay attention and follow His lead.

Last Wednesday, I gave a lecture on a research project I did about three Jewish holidays and their origins, customs, connections to other ancient cultures as well as connections to the New Testament (or Greek Scriptures; I've learned that's a less- loaded way of saying "NT," and attracts more attention). I had a full room of people show up! To hear what? To hear about God. I focused especially on the connections of Pesach (Passover) to the book of John, and basically explained what Christianity is founded on theologically. Awesome. This was the 5th time I've presented it, so that's 5 room fulls of people who have heard the gospel in a nutshell.

Ok. So that was cool, but the week got better.

This upcoming semester, I'm doing another project with my Hebrew professor, but this time I'm focusing on the role that Hebrew names play in Hebrew and Greek narratives. It's absolutely fascinating, and apparently a unique project to boot.

So unique, in fact, that I've been asked to present my preliminary research at an English conference titled: "Text, Lies, and Mediascapes: Narrative Forms Shaping Human Experience."

Wow! It seems the more I want to talk about God and His Word, the more public opportunities He gives me.

On top of that, I've applied for a research scholarship as well as an English scholarship, and by what I can only call a miracle the Director of Graduate Studies wrote me a letter of recommendation for it. ?! Go figure.

I am so excited for what's ahead! And very grateful for the chances to talk about the whole purpose of my life; loving God, and loving His people the way He would have me love and care for them. Amen.

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