Monday, November 22, 2010

Challenge Day 1

This is supposed to be a picture of me with 5 interesting facts. There's already a picture of me in the sidebar, so I'll get on with the five interesting facts:

1.) When I went with my high school marching band to march int he St. Patrick's Day Parade in Dublin, Ireland, we did a lot of sight seeing. We went to Blarney Castle, and we were supposed to all be in line to kiss the infamous Blarney Stone. Instead, I went with a few friends and my camcorder light and explored the dungeon underneath.... the dungeon I'm pretty sure we weren't supposed to be in. It was FUN. Instead of kissing some germ- ridden, I've-heard-that-locals-come-pee-on-at-night slab of stone, I did something different and had a blast!

2) I don't compartmentalize my life like I'm realizing a lot of people do. I know people who try and fit certain areas of their life into little boxes; for instance:
*Church life is on Sunday or whatever night Youth Group/ Bible Study/ Whatever is on, not for my everyday life.
*School life (I will only do school things at school)
*Social Life (I will do whatever I want with certain groups of people, but I have to behave around the goody two- shoes types)
*Family life (I will "endure" my family for the occasion, but not really attempt to connect with them in any sort of meaningful way)

And there are others.

I don't do that; I am always me and true to myself at all times. I never put on a show for people or adapt my behavior to whatever social situation I'm in. I may make a brief appearance at a party where there's alcohol, but I don't drink. Ever. (trust me, if I did everyone would be talking about it) I know a lot of people who cuss and swear like it's a normal thing to do, but I never engage in it. I may talk about movies, but I don't accept invitations from friends to see things I know are inappropriate. I don't back down on issues that are touchy, such as abortion or why I despise Harry Potter.

And most importantly, I don't try to put God in some little file folder in my mind, where I only think about Him on Sundays or at Bible Study. He is a constant part of my life; I talk to Him all the time. I don't set "prayer times," I just have this never- ending ongoing conversation with Him. It rocks.

3) I take God very seriously. I make time to study His Word as well as talk to Him. I have memorized over 1,000 Bible verses/passages so far, and have even taken Hebrew so that I can read the thing in its original language. Now that I can, I'm working on Greek. It's just that important to me. And you know what? I've learned SO much about the Bible, about God's people, and even about Him! No more of that "it was translated incorrectly" crap. I can read it for myself. Watch out: this means that I can actually hold an intellectually sound discussion about things that people want to gloss over or say "wasn't translated correctly." I now keep people (namely professors I really scare the you- know- what out of) accountable. It's awesome.

4) Something not about God: I co- founded the ASU Charity Knitting Club at ASU (even though I mostly crochet).

5) Even though people want to tag me as strictly left- brained, I'm not. I draw, paint, play several instruments, scrapbook, crochet/ knit, and compose music. When I was in 10th grade, I was ranked the 9th best percussionist in the region of schools in Mesa. Without a single private lesson. So yes folks, I do do other things besides school and work and volunteering. :)

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