Tuesday, August 3, 2010


Why, school- why are you only TWO WEEKS AWAY?

I need more summer. I don't want more summer, I need it. I have spent a good deal of it reading school books, making a TON of flashcards... I even have my own flashcard page on a flashcard- making website. My brain could really use more of a break, seriously.

On a more positive note, I rock... I got all the textbooks I need for next semester for $45!! Yep. Of course, it helped that I already had one that I need for a Classics class; you know how I know I'm a nerd?! I bought the book about a year ago, on my own, because I thought it looked cool. Apparently so does one of my proffs... that's like the ultimate nerd test. You buy textbooks before you know they're textbooks! Well, yay, one less book I have to buy right?

Also, I am making great progress on my adorable owl quilt.

This photo really does not do it justice, but it'll work for now. I still need to add leaves on the branches, and a few more little owls, and then I have to sew everything on right, stuff it, and finish it. But hey! I'm mostly there!

**This is my ORIGINAL work, and I'm copyrighting it. You won't find a pattern for it anywhere else, because I completely made it up. So don't take it or claim it as your own- you'll regret it.**

And, today was a great day. I went to lunch with my mom and a bunch of other awesome moms from Trinity, and I got to work from my computer there too! It was like work, and socializing, and there was pizza, and all around awesome company. It's a weekly summer tradition we all have, and growing up with it I guess I love it, and am sad that we only have one more "Pizza Tuesday" left this summer. Sad!! But it made me appreciate today even more. :)

Aaaand on a final note, I just finished watching this little cutie again, and I caught this funny behavior on my phone... it turns out the dog is a great hamster watcher!

Well, summer is almost over, so I'll have to post my follow- up to my Summer Goals! Hmm... :)

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  1. Hey, nice quilt! I just whipped up some of my own-- hope you don't mind! No, not really. I don't have any practical skills.