Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Summer Goals Update!

So, how did those summer goals go?

I found a job working as an assistant for someone at the beginning of the summer. Score! So that took care of the employment part... plus, I got hired by ASU as a writer/ editor for an ASU publication, so Double Score!! Today was my last day of summer, first day of grown- up job. :)

As far as losing weight, I have not lost as much as I wanted to, but it's ok. The point is that it's slowly coming off, and it took a while to put it on so it makes sense that it will take a while to get it off. But I'm happy with the progress.

Organizing= Success! I moved a bunch of books to the guest room, and went through all of my school papers. All of my other stuff is organized now, too.

Drawing/ Painting... eh. I did do some drawing, but hardly any painting.

My quilt? Not finished surprise surprise, but I have done a lot. Quilts are so expensive, and I'm sure if I had the money it would be done now, but oh well. It isn't a race, and what matters is how it turns out.

Cooking? I bought myself a Magic Bullet, and LOVE IT. I have made so many smoothies with it, as well as home made pesto and different pasta sauces. My grandma even bought me my own basil plant so I can have as much pesto as I want. Wasn't that sweet of her? My mom went to Minnesota for two weeks, and I cooked while she was gone. I loved it! And my dad & brother did too (not that they weren't happy when mom came back, but hey they liked what I made). :)

A far as guitar goes, I DID learn more!!! I can now play a few songs and I'm learning more.

And I did read my books ahead of time! Yay. I also bought a tablet for my Mac, and figured out how to make my own flashcards with it!! Hebrew and Greek don't have very usable fonts to make flashcards with, so now I can draw my own (as well as draw whatever else I want to!).

This summer was great. I hope next summer is at least as good!

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