Saturday, September 19, 2009


  1. So. Yesterday was my last day of work... and now the job hunt begins. I just need something part- time that allows me to sit down a lot... like secretarial or admin stuff. I'll have to see what's out there.
  2. God is SOO good. He completely provided for my needs this week in a completely UNEXPECTED way. Wow! It was so incredible, I cried. And I am not a crier, not really.
  3. School is amping up the homework.... again. Haha... at least I have more time for it now!
  4. I am so thankful for all of the people in my life.
  5. Just finished the book My Sister's Keeper, and it ended differently from the movie- not what I was expecting.
  6. Sorry I've been such a slacker lately, but my life has been a whirlwind! Family in from out of town, National Honor Society induction, crazy work schedule, doctor's appointments, physical therapy appointments, Oh- Mesa City Band practice, and concerts- it's been hard to find the time to write lately.

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