Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Some cool stuff I found

Well, I had a little time to web surf today, and I found some stuff that looked downright nifty, and some stuff that just made me laugh! Check it out! Where did these little USB owls come from? Why, Japan of course! you plug them in via USB cable to your computer, and they blink and look adorably cute while you are writing that paper. Aww. Of course, I love owls anyway...
I also found this graphics pen tablet- it allows you to send hand- written emails, and draw, and all sorts of things. I want one! And then I found this....

This is a VIRTUAL keyboard. It projects a laser image of a keyboard, and it works on any flat surface. I'm thinking of getting one for my blackberry- I could take noted in class with a full- sized keyboard!

Ok, so apparently you can turn your room into a Mario game!!! Now that is just awesome. Seriously, awesome. They also have old Galaga and retro Donkey Kong too! Sweet!

All of this stuff can be found at ThinkGeek.com.

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