Sunday, September 27, 2009


This year, I'm an AWANA club leader for junior high kids.

I've been through the entire AWANA program- I went from Cubbies through Sparks and Chums and Guards, and then through what was then Sprint & Marathon and Journey 24/7. Yes, I got the Citation award- meaning I completed all of the books all those years and memorized over 1,000 Bible verses. Yes, I value the program.

But things have got to change.

I am so disappointed in the kids and the leaders this year. It's a case of the tail wagging the dog- almost complete anarchy. There is no respect, and the leadership is waaaaay toooooo lenient about the sections and saying the verses. There is screaming going on, talking, and running around out of seats while the director tries to talk. Not good, I've seen better behavior out of toddlers.

I need to come up with some consequences for things this week. I'm not sure what, but we've got to do something to make it stop. Kids are just showing up to socialize, and the ones who are trying to learn can't because they have to deal with inappropriate behavior and screaming all night. Oy. We'll see what I can think of! Any thoughts or suggestions?

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