Wednesday, July 14, 2010

All the Single Ladies

So what's in the water lately??

Every time I turn around, people are getting married. Like I'll be on Facebook and think, "now who the heck is... OH! THEY GOT MARRIED!"

But it's like every other post on my home page!


I know it's a direct result of the area I live in, and even though on one level I get it, I still think it's a little crazy. I don't think there is, but it's almost like there's some sort of competition to see who can marry the fastest or something, and it makes me a little uncomfortable. Not that there's anything wrong with marriage, even at 18- 20, but whoa people, slowwwwww dowwwwn. To be called an old maid or to be treated like there's something wrong with you at 22 or 23 is CRAZY. Just sayin'.


What I really wanted to write about is letter writing.

Yes, the good old- fashioned practice of a hand- written note on nice stationary... remember those? ;)

One of my dearest friends recently sent me a letter, and I have yet to get back to her. Here's my problem:

I. Can't. Choose. The. Stationary.

I know, I know- that is a completely POINTLESS and STUPID problem, but it's nevertheless true. Here's what goes running through my head:

"Wow! That was so sweet of her!!! I'll write her back today. *goes to desk* Hmmm. Should I use this one, or make her one? Maybe I could use my water color postcards, and paint her something. No, I want to write more than that. Wait. I could use stamps, stamps will work! No... I don't want it to look completely dumb, because other than thank- yous I have owl and kid stamps. Ehhhh... Here! I can totally use these!!! Oh wait.... no I can't, I've had these since grade school, and she deserves something a little more sophisticated than bunnies at a tea party. We are not in 1st grade anymore. AHA!!! These look cute! Oh, darn, why do they have to be invitations?!"

And on and and it goes. I know people, I need help. I think I'm going to just go get some new stationary tomorrow, because I feel awful for not having written her back yet. Oy!


  1. Getting married *is* a competition; it means you're more attractive/interesting than everyone else who isn't married! I was kind of jealous of Amanda Ogle for getting married first, but she does have awesome hair.

  2. Oh Libbie, you're probably next! :)