Saturday, June 5, 2010

The Perks of Dog Sitting...

While I am STILL looking for a job, I've taken on a few dog- sitting jobs.

This is Georgia. Sweet disposition, and quite the cuddle bug!

So, what are the perks of dog sitting?

1) Well of course, getting paid. But aside from that:

2) Free food! Of course, with the whole losing weight thing, it's been hard not to dive into the ice cream. But I haven't!

3) The dogs themselves. They are all so playful; well, except for the two I'm watching right now. Here's the scene:

Me: *pick up ball, go to backyard, dogs follow. I throw the ball. "Go get it!" I yell, enthusiastically.

Blaise & Dakota: "What, does she actually think we're going to get it? Let's watch her get it." And they sit there!

As I retrieved the ball from the bushes, I swear they grinned at me. But moving on.

4) Pools! I love houses with pools. LOVE them. Sure, I can go swimming whenever I want to at home, but with a bunch of people. At other people's houses, I have one all to myself. I am trying to spend a lot of time in them, because it's good exercise and easy on my knee. Should have brought the sunscreen though... right now I could be mistaken for a lobster.

Me =

Maybe it'll turn into a nice tan??

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