Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Happy Belated Father's Day Blog

Hmm, what to say about my dad...

1) I remember when I was really little my dad would read a book to me every night.

In the morning, he would read to me from the paper. I'm pretty sure I was the only kindergartener who asked the teacher if she read about the latest headline. :) Well, I remember that was one of the best times of the day- snuggling on dad's lap with a book. One time he came home with this book about really furry cats that acted like people (one even pretended to be a hobo), and other times he would read Miss Spider. But my favorite thing he read to me was a ginormous collection of selected Biblical stories for kids, but in a very grown- up way, and there were lots of cool pictures and artifacts to look at with each story.

2) I also remember him taking me to the park, and for long walks. I remember him teaching me how to swing by myself (a big thing when you're little! ...well, at least to me it was), how to ride a bike, and how to climb this curly piece of playground equipment I couldn't figure out. Even when I was really scared, having Dad right there to catch me always gave me the courage to try and figure the scary things out (you know... like scary curly playground equipment). ;)

2) When I was a little older, maybe 8, I remember my family was going through a hard time. I was worried, and didn't know what to do with that kind of worry. I'll never forget looking for my dad one day. No particular reason, I just wondered where he was. I looked everywhere for him, but he wasn't to be found! I even checked the garage to see if he'd left, but both cars were there.

Finally, I looked in his closet. Sure enough, there Dad was- sitting cross- legged on the floor of his
closet, reading his Bible. And it clicked; that's what you do in hard situations. You turn to God.

3) When I was a little older, I remember dad buying my brother and I our first Nintendo. It was a Super Nintendo, and boy were we excited! All three of us played countless hours of Donkey Kong Country, and my brother and I were so impressed that he beat the thing. :D Dad has always been our hero, even when it comes to small things like video games.

4) My dad is also very smart. He can solve rubix cubes, beat you at chess, and was ever- so- helpful with my math homework throughout the years, especially with trig and the little bit of calculus I had to know. Thanks, Dad.

5) Dad is a quiet person, but when he speaks he's either cracking a joke or saying something incredibly profound. He's the type of person who rarely speaks up about things in public, but when he does, everybody listens and fully respects what he has to say. Dad has taught me to be careful with my words, as well as taught me not to waste them. I've never heard him say a bad thing about anybody. Thanks for the lesson, Dad.

6) Another thing I love and respect my dad for is his being a great example of a Godly man. Aside from working hard and providing for his family, Dad has shown me an unconditional love- something I know not every daughter gets. He has always been there for me, always. He always has my best interest at heart, and is not afraid to tell me to shape up when he needs to. But it's ok- he does it gently and without anger.

7) There is so much I could say about my dad, but the bottom line is: he's great. I'm so glad he's mine! I could not have asked for a better father if I had custom- ordered one.


  1. Pass the tissues! I whole-heartedly agree sweetie, he's simply the BEST!

  2. Donkey Kong is the greatest video game ever! Not at all like the one about the illegal with the overalls and his little green friend.