Friday, May 7, 2010

In honor of MOM

Tomorrow is my mom's birthday, to be closely followed by Mother's Day on Sunday. I have to share some of my favorite memories of her with all of you.

Memory #1

I will NEVER forget the time we drove up to Minnesota the summer before fifth grade. We crammed all of our stuff in the car, and didn't stop for two days. No hotels, nothin'. My brother and I got so annoyed with each other that we built a wall of stuff in the middle seat just so we wouldn't have to look at each other! So poor mom, dealing with two cranky kids, was forced to take over the job of distracting us. We were stopped at a gas station in Kansas, and mom mysteriously disappeared into the quikie mart. She came back and we got onto the interstate highway, and then... she whips out a pair of these!!

She put these puppies on, and waved likes a madwoman at passing old people. Oh my gosh, we had never been more embarrassed before. Priceless.

Memory #2

The next memory I will NEVER forget of my mom was the time I took my best friend Naomi on her first camping trip. We had to take two cars, so my dad & brother rode in one and us girls got in the other. It was a long drive, and we talked and chattered away. Until Mom broke out the CDs, that is. She popped in some oldies and started seriously groovin' to the beat. My friend looked at me, as I turned red, and we both laughed so hard that the Sprite we were drinking was in serious danger of coming out our noses. She got the car into it, too, and we were b-boppin our way through the forest. I can only wonder what the local wildlife thought.

Memory # 3

Years later, I took same friend Naomi with my family to Disneyland, because she had never been before.

Naomi, my mom, and I were walking around Main Street when, lo and behold, a fire truck drives by full of firemen with band instruments.

Before even thinking about it, my mom YELLS and I mean YELLS:

"Look, those are some horny firemen!!"

People stared. I cringed. My friend turned crimson, and so did one of the firemen. I could have died, but it was pretty hilarious.

Memory # 4

This is on ongoing memory, because it happens all the time. Maybe I should call it a characteristic of hers instead of a memory.

Anyway, it's a well-known fact that my mom is cool. Much, much cooler than I am- by far. She is so cool, in fact, that many of my friends text her or come over to see her under the pretense of seeing me (but I know they just want to see her). :) She has been dubbed "Mama Jones," and the story of that is of course worth hearing.

My brother had some friends over one time to create musical fusion in our loft. They had brought over another friend that had never met my mom, and he was kind of a shy kid.

Well they were all upstairs, and Brittany (the cute one) made him call my mom. Why, you ask? I have no idea, it was just random. So this scared kid calls my mom- without knowing it was her- and what on earth does my mom do? She doesn't even know who's talking to her, but she decided to start talking like a Southern African American lady. Oh yes, she did! So this poor kid is getting very confused, and talks back like a African American man. And thus, "Mama Jones" was born. When he came downstairs later, he met her in person. Then they told that poor kid who she was, and he about died running out the front door (I kid you not, he sprinted out that front door!).

I guess I should also tell you that when she used to work as a waitress, sometimes she would wait tables with foreign accents. Just because. Yup, NEVER a dull moment at my house!! :)

Well I have to go, but I will probably post more tomorrow.

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