Saturday, June 2, 2012

21 Days to Go!

Here is just a small preview of our apartment; it has built- in bookshelves in the front room, which of course I need. The sad thing is, those are only part of my collection. I have tons more in my room still! 

And you noticed the roses on the table, you say? Why yes, Scot did surprise me at work with them this week. Such a sweetie, I know, but I saw him first ok? 

Chocolate, is that chocolate in a candy dish? No, you're not at grandma's house. You're at an addict's house. I sure hope my grandma doesn't mind me using her crystal punch bowl to fuel our addiction. ;) 

Oh, the lamps look weird? That's because they are one of a kind, yes. The coasters have ribbon because they are favors from one of my bridal showers... and the pictures in the frames are my pretend family. I'll get around to adding my real family sometime, hopefully.

Well, I'm sorry but that is all for now! Well, and this random picture from the fridge. I'm on the right, and my maid of honor is on the left. We have entirely too much fun together. This was at the Phoenix Bridal Show a few months ago.

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