Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Still Waiting...

Yep, I'm still waiting. I had a fingerprinting appointment today, which means all those future plans I had for robbing banks are now out. :)

Well, I'm doing research about Plymouth, and I found out some cool things!

I will be close to the castle associated with King Arthur and the round table, so I get to go see that. I think I'll take some art supplies and paint it if I get the chance.

I will be close to some of England's nicest beaches, so I might take some beach days there.

I can go see different zoos with cold water animals, and Plymouth isn't too far away from a gorgeous nature preserve.

But I am most looking forward to one thing: seeing the British Museum in London!!! I am going to just die, especially with the Classics background I've had. I can't wait to see the Bassae friezes from Greece, as well as the collection of Parthenon marbles. Wow.

I'm also preparing to travel a little over there, because France is 6 hours away... helloooooo Paris!

Or, I can take a ferry to Ireland. Um, yes please!

It's like a dream. Seriously, this happens to people in books and movies but not in real life, right? Dang. Thank You God, for Your many blessings!

I'll keep you all posted and updated on what I'm doing when I get over there, and of course there will be lots of pictures. What is everyone else doing this summer?

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