Thursday, January 7, 2010


Today was just the best day.

I spent it with my lifelong best friend, Naomi, and her little boy Silas. Ah!!

I hardly ever get to see her anymore, and that is why I STILL had her little guy's Christmas present under the tree. Well that had to change, so I decided to take it over to her apartment. Silas loved opening his present- it was a farm with these little clicky farm animals. So cute. Except that their heads turn all the way around, which is kind of freaky. But hey. :D

Then, it was lunch time so we headed over to Chandler Fashion Square mall (she pretty much lives right next to it), and had a yummy Paradise Bakery lunch. Silas loved eating part of a chocolate chip cookie... it was fun watching him get all excited and squirmy every time he got a piece. After that, we headed over to the Godiva chocolate store. Naomi had never been there, so I got her a milk chocolate with caramel chocolixir drink... and she about died and went to heaven! Then I signed up to get a free piece of chocolate every month... hello??? Free chocolate?? I think so, yes please! I got the dark chocolate decadence drink... MMMMM. I think I might have actually asked for an IV of it out loud, I don't remember haha.

After that we just sat around and enjoyed our drinks. Silas loved watching the escalator, so I held him and we played with my keys and wallet. Simply the best.

This is what I love about breaks from school- I get to see the people I love and actually enjoy them, without worrying about what I should be studying for. How cool is that? I love her and her little guy so much. I really wished they lived closer. :(

Oh- by the way; if you haven't had one of those chocolate drinks from the Godiva store, I strongly suggest you go get one. Oh. My. Gosh. BEST THING YOU'VE EVER TASTED!! Beware of the chocolate coma to follow!


  1. uh oh. you just got me craving a Godiva chocolate drink...and i've never had one! seriously. i want to go now. ahhhhh.

    it sounds like you had such a fun day! yayy!

    and i totally know what you mean about breaks. i hardly ever see my friends during the semester...and then during break i feel like i have to time to actually go to lunch with them or call and catch up with the ones that live out of state. it's theh best!

  2. Totally smiling at your comment! And seriously Britney, go get one of those drinks. SO worth it!!!!! And you can sign up (for free) for a free piece of chocolate every month. I did! :D