Saturday, June 13, 2009

Amazing Grace

"My grace is sufficient for you, for My power is made perfect in your weakness."

Not My grace will be sufficient, not My grace might be sufficient, but My grace is sufficient. This statement implies that I don't need anything else to cover for me, because it is enough whatever my circumstance. I am so grateful for this verse tonight. As I get older, I am getting better at detecting honesty in people. Not that I always know for sure, but really- I'm getting better.

You know what really hurts? When you care about someone dearly, and you want the best for them no matter the cost to you... and then you realize: they don't reciprocate that kind of love. All they know how to do is take, and they are so focused on themselves for it to even occur to them that you might be worth sacrificing something, anything really- for. Ouch! It hurts. And then, when you limit the relationship to a lower level of intimacy, they get mad. But here's the thing... they don't miss you, it's not you they miss. They just whine becuase now no one's there to fulfill there own selfish needs anymore. Well you know what? That stinks, knowing that that person never cared about you, only what you could give them. Honestly, it's an awful, forsaken feeling.

But you know what? God's grace is over the entire situation when that happens. He knows that we are indeed of value, that we are His sons and daughters! And His grace is sufficient to make up for it. Amen!

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