Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Hello again, I guess it's been a while since I've been on here. A lot has happened recently! Talk about busy. I am now a college ambassador, and tonight I am helping with the Finals Breakfast ASU hosts every year. I get to work with the massage people- lucky me!

I also had a birthday recently (yesterday, in fact), and now I'm 20! No longer a teen. FINALLY. My mom says I've been "20" since I was 14 haha. Hmm, I feel kind of old. It's an interesting age; no longer a teen, but still too young to drink. Not that I want to, I just think it's funny. It's also interesting because about a third of the girls I knew in high school are married now and having kids! It seems like every time I get on Facebook, I'm looking at someone's bridal pics or baby sonograms. Some even created a profile for their unborn babies... kind of creepy, huh? Haha.

I have a job interview on Tuesday- yay! If I get it, I will be working with ASU's Alumni Association as a secretary. One of my scholarships is through the Alumni Association, so I know a lot of people there already. I'm excited! It sounds like the perfect fit for me.

I'm almost done with the semester... last finals are on Monday! I can't wait to have a break. I'm looking at 20 credit hours next semester, so that should be fun. Whoo. But hey, like I always say... sure is a good thing I like school! I am looking forward to it because it will be my last semester of Hebrew. 2 whole years of it, and I will have accomplished my goal. I can now read the Tenak (Old Testament) in it's original writing!! I have learned A LOT about the Bible in general and about Jewish culture from this class. And my professor is amazing- simply the best I've ever had. Really. She is so amazing, that she offered to do a 499 or special topics class with me! That will be fun, I know it. The rest of my classes are prep classes for Greek... I'm taking two years of that starting next fall. I know, I know... I'm a little crazy. But hey.

I finally got the Christmas tree up with dad's help... only to discover that a section of lights in the middle (it's a pre-lit tree) won't light up. And of course, we can't find the stupid box of lights... ugh. Guess I'll be tearing apart the garage later. Know what else I want to do this Christmas? Build a genuine gingerbread house. I've never done it, and it looks like it could be fun.

Well, I have to get going on these last few projects due... and tests... so bye for now!


  1. {one} yes, i'm one of those girls that is married. ahaha.

    {two} good luck with the job interview!!

    {three} i can't WAIT for this semester to be over (tomorrow for me! yay!)

    {four} hebrew? for realz? wow. that sounds intense. really cool. but intense.

    {five} you are really smart.

    {six} i want to build a genuine gingerbread house now, too. it's on my list as!

  2. New to your blog. its cute!! :) good luck with the interview.

  3. Awe, thanks you two!

    Britney, I am SO excited to build one, I feel like six years old.

    Rasha, thank you! I really, really hope I get it.